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About Serex Corp

Since 1991 Serex has been providing hundreds of businesses across North America with professionally developed and deployed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. During this period Serex has had the privilege to be exposed to a vast number of Sales, Marketing and Customer Services departments across a broad spectrum of industries. This unique experience was leveraged to help provide very unique and innovative solutions that complement Serex’s original offering.

In 1991 Serex started providing it’s clients with DOS based Contact Management tools. Boy have things changed and so has Serex.

Serex has evolved to provide state of the art productivity systems that include:

Contact Management
Sales Force Automation
Marketing Automation
Project Management
Customer Service
Business Process Automation
Low Code / No Code
… and more

At Serex we believe that all companies are different and have varied requirements, the selected productivity solutions need to satisfy those unique needs. At Serex we leverage the 30+ years of experience to provide our clients a variety of solutions, not just one CRM or just one customer service system, we have a vast offering that in most cases satiate those client requirements perfectly.

Today Serex is a multi-divisional company that not only provides consulting for, and deployment of these productivity systems, but provides a host of complimentary services in its other divisions which include:

Call Center
Sales Agents and Representation
Medical Product Distribution

Along with that Serex has developed two unique products, one in the procurement space the other in the compliance space:

Serex Procurement Power
Serex Compliance Minder